Showband / Drumfanfare

KTK Kampen

KTK touches you deep in your heart whilst simultaneously showing you and letting you hear how beautiful music can be.

The high intensity performance and the musical impact moments are characteristic of performances by this top showband from the Netherlands. Gold awards at the World Music Concours and various national titles confirm the unique status of this showband. The performances during parades also make quite an impression on organisations and the public.

A catchy repertoire combined with a bold, contemporary look always provides an extra dimension to the unique performances by the Kamper Trumpet Corps. The band is ranked among the most booked showbands of the Netherlands. The association’s juniors, the young Kamper Trompetter Korps also bring a unique show production entitled “Time Traveller”. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 they (11-16 years) won the title Dutch champion with this unique show. Would you like more information about one of our showbands or wish to request a quote? Then email

We are the Kamper Trompetter Korps!